Hot Swimsuit

Cool off this summer by plunging into the pool or the sea in nothing but a hot swimsuit. However, before you slip into that one-piece or bikini you’ve had since who knows when, it might be time to reconsider the kind of look you want to pull off this summer. Swimsuit designs are a dime a dozen and yes, you can now have your say as to what styles and designs you want aside from those ruffled onesies that your mom gave you. Here are just a few of the common yet exciting womens swimsuits, themes, and cuts to choose from.


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Sailor or nautical-themed

Get ready to hoist that anchor in nautical-inspired bikini sets and swimwear. Show off that bod with garments patterned with navy stripes and little anchors, while some even go so far as looking like real mini sailor uniforms. For those who want a more girly get-up, pleated skirts and cute shorts make for a smashing outfit that will certainly have men saluting you as you pass by. Top off your sailor-inspired outfit with a sailor cap and your ready to set off into the high seas.


Show off your raunchy side in camo-print beachwear that instead of letting you blend in with your surroundings, it will make you stand out loud and proud on the beach. Have a commanding persona when you wear these swimsuits in earth and foliage tones that will certainly complement your sun-kissed skin. Who says you need to go to boot camp to earn respect from men, when you can have them at attention when you pass along sandy shores by wearing camouflage-printed bikinis?


Bring back the oldies but goodies in beach fashion with retro-prints and designs. Breathe life into that Brian Hyland classic by wearing polka-dotted itsy bitsies to the beach this summer. Be ala-Marilyn Monroe during her early bikini modeling days and sport sweetheart bikini tops. From polka dots to psychedelic prints to fruit and floral themes, retro will definitely be the in-thing today.


Stand out and stand proud in body armor at the beach or by the pool. No, it is not actually hard metal armor, but swimsuits that have the sheen and shine of metal. Move around freely in these shiny pieces that can definitely take advantage of the hot sun’s glare on your body.

Classy basics

Just how the little black dress is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe, pieces in classic cuts and colors will also always stay in fashion. Plain bathing suits in black, red, white, tan, and olive are safe pieces that will last a long time in terms of fashion trends.